Full-time Status: Undergraduate

3310.1 General Policy

Wright State is on the semester system. The academic year is divided into two semesters (fall and spring) and a summer session. Classes are assigned values in semester credit hours. The credit hour is based on 55 minutes of instruction each week for one semester, although there are exceptions. Laboratory courses usually require considerably more time for each semester hour of credit. Students should carefully plan their academic program with an advisor, especially if they are also working while going to school. However, students are responsible for registering in appropriate classes, scheduling, and fulfilling all university and program requirements for graduation.

The minimum full-time undergraduate load is 12 credit hours per semester, with the average between 14 and 17 credit hours.

Students enrolled in the typical 14-week course may drop or withdraw from the university without grades through the fourth week of the semester, or its equivalent. These courses will not be recorded on transcripts. From the fifth through ninth weeks, or their equivalents, students may drop a course or withdraw, but the course and a designation of "W" will appear on their records. (Students should see the semester class schedule for the exact drop and withdrawal dates.) After the withdrawal date, students need to successfully petition to drop; otherwise, the course will appear on their records with a grade.

Students enrolled in courses whose duration is less than 14 weeks have earlier drop dates. Drop dates for these flexibly scheduled courses will be determined by the Registrar and published in the instructor's syllabi.