University Laboratory Store

9430.1 Lab Stores

The goal of the University Laboratory Store (Lab Stores) is to provide commonly used laboratory items to university departments in a convenient and cost effective manner.

9430.2 Lab Stores Catalog

A Lab Stores catalog is available on line at The catalog lists the items that are stocked in Lab Stores, as well as the cost of each item. Periodic additions or deletions from inventory may occur between on-line catalog updates.

9430.3 Prices

Prices listed in the Lab Stores catalog are approximate and based on market prices at the time of listing. Actual prices are computed with each purchase and appear on the departmental monthly Financial Report.

9430.4 Purchasing from Lab Stores

To purchase an item from Lab Stores, an individual should use the Lab Stores Supply Form, which is available for a nominal charge through the Department of Printing Services Paper-Plus order process (

9430.5 Returning Merchandise

An individual should contact Lab Stores if an order needs to be corrected. The individual should provide a receipt and a reason for returning or exchanging merchandise. A Lab Stores Supply Form is also used for issuing credit for returned items. Items purchased from Lab Stores may be returned to Lab Stores. However, items purchased over the Internet or from other outside sources cannot be returned to Lab Stores. Items not purchased in Lab Stores will be returned to the vendor at the department's expense.

9430.6 Back-Ordered Items

Staff in Lab Stores will indicate on the Lab Stores Supply Form when items are temporarily out of stock and will notify the requesting department by telephone when replacement stock has been received in Lab Stores.

9430.7 Deliveries

Delivery arrangements for large items and bulk purchases can be made, on a limited basis, by calling Lab Stores (775-2550). The requesting department should verify merchandise against the delivery copy of the Lab Stores Supply Form and inform Lab Stores of any discrepancies as soon as possible. Requests for delivery of merchandise should be made 24 to 48 hours in advance of the desired delivery date. Lab Stores staff do not make deliveries to the university's off-campus locations. However, Lab Stores staff can coordinate deliveries to authorized off-campus university locations through the university courier service.