Commencement Participation Policy

3685.1 Policy

In recognition that commencement ceremonies constitute public acknowledgement that students have completed education requirements of the University and in order to maintain academic integrity, Wright State University reaffirms the policy on commencement dates approved by the faculty in May, 1982.

Students completing their course of study during Winter and Spring Quarters who have fulfilled all other requirements for graduation will be eligible to participate in the June commencement ceremonies. Students completing all requirements during the Summer and Fall Quarters will be eligible to participate in the December commencement ceremonies.

Exceptions to this policy are limited to international students unable to remain in the United States because of visa expiration and military personnel and their dependents under orders to relocate, who may be expected to complete all requirements for graduation. Any other exceptions must be based upon documented emergency situations. All exceptions must be approved by the dean of the appropriate college or school, who will forward approved requests to the Office of Conferences and Events so that students may be included in commencement ceremonies.