Grading System

4010.1 The Undergraduate Grading System

Academic achievement is indicated by the following letter grades and points used in calculating grade point averages. A Wright State grade point average is computed by dividing the number of points earned at Wright State by the total number of hours attempted at Wright State.

A *Excellent - 4 points per credit hour
B *Good - 3 points per credit hour
C *Satisfactory - 2 points per credit hour
D *Poor - 1 point per credit hour
F Failed - 0 points per credit hour
X Student did not complete course or officially withdraw--0 points per credit hour

Other letter grades are listed below. Except for the grade of P, no academic credit is given for the following grades, and none are used in calculating grade point averages. Students may not graduate with temporary (I, M, N) grades on their record.

P Passing--indicates work of C quality or better; given only for specifically approved courses. (Credit is earned but is not computed in grade point averages.)
U Unsatisfactory performance--indicates work below C quality; given only for specifically approved courses.
L Audit--given only if arranged at the time of registration.
I Incomplete--a temporary grade given only when part of required work is missing and arrangements have been made with the instructor to complete the work. Faculty are encouraged to file an incomplete grade contract with their departments. If the work is not completed by the end of the following semester, or earlier if required by the instructor, the I grade automatically is considered equivalent to an F and the grade point recalculated, unless the instructor submits another I grade. Work for an incomplete received spring semester does not have to be completed until the end of the following fall semester if the instructor does not indicate an earlier date on the grade contract.
M Satisfactory progress on a project--a temporary grade replaced by a permanent grade upon completion of the project.
W Withdrew—students may drop a class or withdraw from the university based on the university’s approved academic calendar available on the following University Web page ( also be assigned on the basis of a successful petition to withdraw.
N No report--instructor did not report a grade.
  Discontinued grades. The following grades were discontinued:
S Satisfactory performance designation given for a noncompleted course that is of an individual continuing nature such as research, thesis, or dissertation. Final grade is assigned upon completion. Discontinued Fall 1992.
T Attended--this grade is used only for honors courses. These hours are not counted toward graduation. Discontinued Fall 1998.

Grade reports are made available to students through WINGS Express. Students who notice discrepancies on their grade reports should contact Raider Connect within thirty days.

Instructions for submitting and changing grades is available at