Adjunct Teaching by Staff Employees

Temporary / Emergency Policy

Note: This policy was adopted under the temporary / emergency policymaking provisions of the University's Policy on Policies. It will revert on October 19, 2024.

Information about this policy change, and any proposals for further policymaking, can be accessed at the University Policy website. Students and employees may submit comments on those proposals through the Proposed Policy Change Comment Form, which is accessible through the site.

8150.1 Policy Statement

Some University staff hold advanced degrees and/or substantial knowledge and practical experience that may be of academic value to the University’s student body. The University encourages those individuals to seek opportunities to serve as adjunct faculty. It is the Policy of Wright State University to permit adjunct teaching by staff employees in accordance with this Policy.

This Policy does not apply to teaching by staff employees when they are teaching a course that they are required to teach as a part of their official duties (e.g. success coaches who are teaching a first-year seminar that is listed in their job description).

8150.2 Eligibility

Only exempt staff--not non-exempt or classified staff--may teach as adjunct faculty. Exceptions require concurrent approval by the Provost, Chief Human Resources Officer, and General Counsel.

Each staff member will obtain their supervisor’s written approval before applying to teach as an adjunct faculty member. A supervisor's approval is valid for one academic year and must be re-requested each subsequent academic year in which the staff member wishes to serve on the adjunct faculty. Approval is within the supervisor’s sole discretion, and the written approval will be kept on-file in the College in which the employee will teach.

In deciding whether to give or withhold approval, the supervisor will consider all relevant facts and circumstances. The most important considerations are whether the employee is performing their regular duties satisfactorily and whether the supervisor anticipates that the employee would continue to do so if appointed to the adjunct faculty. Other considerations include the nature and scope of the employee’s duties and the effect their teaching responsibilities may have on the effectiveness of the employee’s assigned unit, the employee’s work schedule, the schedule of the course the employee wishes to teach, the employee’s other outside employment or outside activities, the employee’s past history of disciplinary action or performance issues, the employee’s attendance, the employee’s length of service in their current position, the employee’s past history (if any) of serving on adjunct faculty while successfully balancing their regular duties, and the academic unit’s need for the employee’s assistance.

Supervisors will not approve a staff employee’s application for adjunct teaching if:

  • The employee is in a probationary period;
  • The employee is under a performance improvement plan;
  • The employee has been informed that they will be involuntarily separated, or the employee has submitted a resignation;
  • The employee is being officially investigated for alleged misconduct.

8150.3 Maximum Assignments

No staff member may teach more than one (1) course per semester. Exceptions are in the sole discretion of the President (or delegate).

For the purposes of this Policy, a course is equal to three (3) to four (4) credit-hours.

8150.4 Duty Hours

Staff will not engage in adjunct teaching during their regular duty hours. Exceptions are in the discretion of the first Dean or Vice President (or above) in the employee’s regular reporting chain.

8150.5 Employment Status

An adjunct faculty appointment is at-will employment and may be terminated or non-renewed in the sole and absolute discretion of the academic officer who extends the appointment.

8150.6. Exceptions

The Policy Manager is authorized to develop and require the use of procedures for requesting, processing, and enforcing exceptions from this Policy.