Dual Enrollment Admissions (College Credit Plus)

3130.1 Overview

Dual Enrollment and Post-Secondary Enrollment Options provide high school students in grades 7-12 who qualify for college admission opportunities to take college level courses. They can earn both high school and transcripted college credit upon successful completion of this coursework.

The State of Ohio has combined these two higher learning opportunities into a single program, currently called the College Credit Plus Program.  College Credit Plus [or its ODHE approved equivalent] is the only means through which a student currently without a high school degree or its equivalent may be eligible for admission to Wright State University for undergraduate credit.

College Credit Plus or other dual enrollment programs are not intended as a substitute for the K-12 College Preparatory curriculum, the social growth, or maturing experience provided by Ohio’s secondary schools.  Nor are they intended as a substitute for learning experiences or social engagement made possible through a four-year college or university. Dual enrollment students are expected to perform on a par with other students at Wright State University, and are encouraged to utilize the credits they earned to enhance, not replace, any academic or workforce development opportunities available once they have completed high school.

Courses are taught by credentialed faculty in one of three settings:

  • Through off-site classes offered in participating high schools.
  • Through online courses provided by Wright State
  • Through courses on the Wright State Campus

3130.2 General Admission Requirements

  • Satisfaction of the Ohio Remediation Free Standards
  • College-level placement scores as established by the ODHE.
  • Satisfaction of all prerequisites for any selected course(s)

3130.3 Applications


  • Complete Wright State's online College Credit Plus application by May 1st prior to the fall of the year of intended enrollment.
  • Submit high school transcripts and official ACT/SAT scores to Wright State.  If no ACT/SAT scores are available, ACCUPLACER tests are required.

As of June 1, 2018, ODHE requires that Wright State University only accept ACT, SAT or ACCUPLACER tests. ODHE sets the threshold scores required for admission.

3130.4 Appeals

If a student’s placement scores are determined not to reach the threshold considered to be at the college level, the student may be admitted if he or she has a) an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher, or b) other evidence of ability to perform at the level necessary to succeed at college level work.  The University may request additional information from applicants as part of the petition process.

3130.5 Admitted and Currently Enrolled Dual Enrollment Students

Once admitted to the dual enrollment program at Wright State, students who adhere to the academic and conduct standards of Wright State University are eligible for continuing enrollment.  These students are not required to submit a new application unless they discontinue enrollment for at least one full year.  However, students must submit a letter of intent informing the school district and state of plans to participate for future years.

Admitted students will be required to have advisor pre-approval before registering for courses.