Undergraduate Petitions


In unusual circumstances, students may request a change to their academic record, a course substitution, or an exception to an academic regulation or program requirement.

Actions one may petition include (but are not limited to):

  • Retroactively add, drop, or withdraw from a course after the appropriate deadline.
  • Regulation waiver: Request waiver of institutional policy or requirement
  • Appeal a course substitution;  Substitute a course for a program requirement

To initiate a petition, complete and submit the Undergraduate Petition Form, located on the RaiderConnect Forms and Resources website, for consideration by the Petitions Committee at their monthly meeting. The Undergraduate Petition Form is not for appeals for readmission or to appeal a grade.  Final course grade appeals should be sent to the college offering the course, following the college's procedure.

The Undergraduate Petitions Committee will review all petitions on a case-by-case basis to determine appropriate action.  Requests for retroactive adjustments must be supported by documentation of extenuating circumstances.  Extenuating circumstances are situations that arise during the semester that significantly interfere with the student's academic work and/or ability to attend classes.  These circumstances must be beyond the student's control, such as serious injury or illness, death of an immediate family member, disability, military call to active duty, or other unanticipated issues.

Any retroactive petition must be submitted within 12 calendar months of the last day of classes of the full academic term for which the adjustment is requested.  Petitions submitted after this time period must explain and document why the retroactive action being sought was delayed.

If the committee denies a petition, a student may appeal one time, by the last day of classes of the following academic term, with substantial and new information.  To appeal a denied petition, petitioners should submit a request for an appeal using the Undergraduate Petition Form on the RaiderConnect Forms and Resources website.  A denial of an appeal is considered to be the final decision of the committee; a second appeal will ordinarily not be considered by the committee.

After a degree has been awarded to a student, his or her record is closed.  The committee will consider requests after a degree has been awarded only when they involve clerical or procedural error.  The committee will not consider retroactive drops or withdrawals after a degree has been awarded.

Administrative Adjustment:  The University Registrar may approve petitions that involve university or administrative errors or require a retroactive administrative drop for verified non-attendance.  Such petitions must meet all other standards set forth by the committee and the Faculty Senate.  The University Registrar will notify the Undergraduate Petitions Committee of any such approvals.