Undergraduate Petition Policy

4090.1 Policy

In unusual circumstances, students may be eligible for an exception to an academic regulation, program requirement, or for a course substitution. A student may submit a request for such an exception or substitution using the Undergraduate Petition Form on the RaiderConnect Forms and Resources website. The Undergraduate Petition Form is not for appeals for readmission or to appeal a grade.

Actions you may petition include (but are not limited to):

  • Removal of hours and points: Course and grade remain on record but grade is not used in calculating GPA, except for calculation of Latin Honors at graduation
  • Regulation waiver: Request waiver of institutional policy or requirement
  • Appeal a course substitution or transfer decision: Substitute a course or apply a transfer course to a program requirement
  • Retroactively add, drop, or withdraw from a course after the appropriate deadline.

Petitions received by the committee after final grades are assigned must generally reach a higher standard for approval than petitions received prior to the assignment of final grades. Aside from university error, a petition to drop one or more classes or to withdraw from all classes for a particular term is granted only in the case of a petition received before grades are assigned and extenuating circumstances warrant such action. In these rare instances, the Undergraduate Petitions Committee will recommend approval of your petition to the chief academic officer, who will take final action.

To initiate a petition, complete and submit the Undergraduate Petition Form, located on the RaiderConnect Forms and Resources website, for consideration by the Petitions Committee at their monthly meeting. Except in rare instances where extenuating circumstances warrant such action, petitions will not be reviewed for terms completed more than five years from the time of petition submission.

Final course grade appeals should be sent to the College of the course, following the college’s procedure.