Solicitations, Distributions, and Postings

7110.1 General Policy

Under the bylaws of the Wright State University Board of Trustees, the president is responsible for ensuring proper utilization of the facilities of the university.  The president or his/her designee is charged with maintaining the security of university properties and personnel and ensuring that activities taking place on the campus do not interfere with the continuous operation of the university's programs.

7110.2 Sale of Goods or Services on Campus

Wright State University does not permit the sale of goods or services for profit on campus, except those goods and services that are available through recognized auxiliary enterprises. Student organizations must follow the procedures in the Student Handbook.

7110.3 Solicitations on Campus

The term "solicitation" as used in this policy shall mean any activity conducted for the purpose of advertising, promoting, or encouraging membership in any group, association, or organization.  The procedures to be followed by individuals or organizations wishing to engage in solicitation activities on campus are set forth below.

  1. Any non-university individual or organization (other than recognized student organizations) shall, for each visit, give at least a 48 hour written notice to the Chief Human Resources Officer or the Chief of Police, indicating the names of persons involved and the designated area to which access is desired.  No such notice shall be necessary if the activity is limited to nonworking areas open to the general public and which does not interfere with the normal use of the area.
  2. A non-university individual or organization may solicit university employees in nonworking areas only if at the time of such solicitation the employees are on nonworking time, i.e., during their lunch periods, before or after scheduled working hours, or during periods in which they are on approved leaves of absence.
  3. An employee of the university can, without any advance notice, solicit other university employees in both work or non-work areas if all employees involved in the process are on nonworking time.
  4. The use of the university's mail services or any other facilities or materials such as telephones, copying machines, stationery, or equipment for solicitation purposes is prohibited.
  5. The university reserves the additional right to control or regulate solicitation activities by any organization or individuals (including university employees) if, in the opinion of the president or his/her designee, such activities are disruptive or interfere with the continuous operation of the university's normal programs and activities.

7110.4 Solicitations on Campus for Charitable and Nonprofit Causes

Wright State University supports voluntary contributions to worthy charitable and nonprofit programs.  Representatives of such programs must seek advance permission from the president or his/her designated representative to solicit funds on campus.  If approval is granted, a schedule for soliciting shall be established, and the university will then lend its facilities and internal communications system as directed by the president or his/her designated representative.

7110.5 Solicitations Off Campus by University Members or Organizations

Wright State University recognizes the benefits which may accrue from soliciting off campus for the support of university and university- related programs and projects.  A procedure has been developed by University Advancement and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs to review and clear all private sector solicitations before submission to nongovernmental agencies.  It is necessary to use this procedure in order to avoid duplication and to ensure that funding efforts are consistent with the university's best interests.  Therefore, university members, agencies, and related organizations must consult with University Advancement or the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs before soliciting off campus.

7110.6 Distribution of Literature on Campus

Non-university individuals or groups shall follow the same procedures outlined in section 3001.3 of this policy with the following exception: a university employee can, without any advance notice, distribute literature in a non-work area if he/she is on nonworking time and the employees to whom the literature is distributed are also on nonworking time.

7110.7 Postings

All posters, flyers, literature, banners, etc., to be posted must be approved in advance of posting by a representative from the Office of Student Activities.  All posters, flyers, literature, banners, etc., which have not been approved for posting will be removed.  Postings on bulletin boards assigned to a specific department may be used only with the permission of that department.