Admission of Students with Three-Year Bachelor’s Degrees

5040.1 General Policy

Admission to graduate school is normally predicated on completion of a four-year baccalaureate degree. However, students seeking admission into graduate status at Wright State who have earned a three-year bachelor’s degree may be eligible to be admitted without evidence of additional work beyond the three-year degree. In order to be eligible for admission, the students’ three-year programs must be equivalent to and meet the standards of regionally accredited four-year degree programs in the United States. Wright State International Gateway (WSIG), working with the Graduate School, will make the determination of equivalency according to this policy. In general, students who have done at least a year of post-graduate work beyond the three-year bachelor’s degree or students with three-year degrees who did their primary and secondary education in Bologna Process/European Higher Education Area countries will be considered eligible for admission, as will students who have earned bachelor’s degrees from institutions determined to be equivalent to American four-year degree programs. WSIG will maintain a database of the universities that meet their criteria for equivalency screening by using information provided by the World Education Services (WES) or other reputable accreditation sources. Students with three year degrees that are not otherwise judged to be equivalent to regionally accredited four year degrees in the United States may be eligible for admission if the students complete a minimum of forty-five quarter hours or thirty semester hours of additional course work. These additional hours should consist of either general education courses or program specific courses as determined by a graduate program or the Graduate School. If it is determined by a program or the Graduate School that students have difficulty with the English language and/or have not met the requirements of Wright Core Element One English Composition, they may be required to take an appropriate combination of English 110 (1010) and/or ENG 112 (1030) and/or English 1010 (1100) and 102 (2100) as a part of or in addition to the forty-five quarter or thirty semester hours. Students may be referred to the English Department for diagnostic testing for English deficiencies.