Pregnancy in the Workplace and in Academic and Research Settings

13320.1 Purpose of Policy

The policy on pregnancy in the workplace and in academic and research settings has been established in an effort to preclude harm being done to any pregnant woman and/or her unborn child by being exposed to biological, chemical, and/or physical agents while working or attending classes or other activities at the university.

13320.2 Procedures

  1. All work areas, as well as academic and research settings, of the university where exposure to biological, chemical, and/or physical agents can occur shall be identified by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). EHS shall notify appropriate departmental directors of the identified areas and shall supply to those individuals boldly printed signs directing attention to the potential hazard. The signs shall advise any pregnant employee or student to contact her physician immediately concerning the potential of harmful exposure.

  2. Directors of all units/departments are responsible for posting such signs prominently in each identified location and are responsible for replacing such signs should they be damaged or lost.

  3. Information about specific biological, chemical, and/or physical agents to which exposure may occur can be obtained from the unit/departmental director or from the Department of Environmental Health and Safety.

  4. All job descriptions for positions in identified areas shall include a notice that the workplace may be hazardous to pregnant employees and/or their unborn children. This requirement applies to university employees, as well as to student employees.

13320.3 Employment and Academic Assistance

When a pregnant employee, student employee, or student has decided not to work in an area or attend a class which offers the potential for exposure to biological, chemical, and/or physical agents, that decision should be discussed with the following departments:

  1. Department of Human Resources for university employees and student employees.

  2. Academic advisor or department chair for students.