3140.1 Readmission after 1 Year

Returning students who left the University in good standing or while on academic probation and who have not registered in the past twelve months must complete an application to be readmitted to Wright State.  A student who left the university while on academic probation is readmitted on academic probation and subject to the academic standing rules in policy 3350.

3140.2 Readmission after Academic Dismissal

Students who have been dismissed will not be permitted to enroll for any courses at the university for a full calendar year (three consecutive semesters, including summer semester).  Readmission is not automatic.  After dismissal, students must submit an application and petition for readmission.  Readmission petition forms may be obtained from, and must be submitted through, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.  Readmission petitions are reviewed by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in consultation with the dean of the appropriate college or school.  Readmitted students are continued on probation.  Students who are readmitted following academic dismissal may be subject to special requirements to remove academic deficiencies as determined appropriate by the college or school.

3140.3 Degree Requirements for Readmitted Students

All readmitted students are subject to the catalog in force at the time of readmission and must meet degree requirements in effect at the time of readmission.