8310.1 Holiday Observance

  • The eleven holidays granted university employees are:

    New Year's Day - January 1
    Martin Luther King Day - January (third Monday)
    President's Day - February (third Monday)
    Memorial Day - May (last Monday)
    Juneteenth - June 19
    Independence Day - July 4
    Labor Day - September (first Monday)
    Columbus Day - October (second Monday)
    Veterans Day - November 11
    Thanksgiving Day - November (fourth Thursday)
    Christmas Day - December 25

  • The university is permitted to move the observance of three holidays, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, and Columbus Day, to days other than those specified. If the observance date is moved, employees shall be notified in the University Holiday Schedule.

  • A holiday falling on Saturday shall be observed on the preceding Friday; a holiday falling on Sunday shall be observed on the following Monday.

8310.2 Holiday Compensation

  • Regardless of their work shift or schedule, regularly scheduled staff are entitled to holiday pay. Holidays which fall during breaks for faculty are observed as time off. Part-time staff are entitled to holiday pay for those hours of the holiday during which they would normally have been scheduled to work. Full-time staff are entitled to holiday pay regardless of the day of the week on which the holiday is observed.

  • If a holiday occurs during a period of paid sick leave or vacation, the employee shall draw holiday pay and shall not be charged for sick leave or vacation.

  • Payment shall not be made for a holiday which occurs during a leave of absence. A leave of absence should neither start nor end on a holiday.

  • An employee who is absent without approved leave on a work day immediately preceding a holiday can be denied holiday pay unless the absence is subsequently approved by the appointing authority.

  • Hourly-paid staff who are required to work on a holiday shall receive compensation in addition to the holiday pay computed at one and one-half times the employee's total rate of pay. The employee can elect to receive monetary compensation or to take compensatory time off at the time-and-one-half rate within thirty days of the holiday.