Fresh Start Policy

5580.1 Definitions

This policy allows Wright State University graduate students a "fresh start" when changing or returning to graduate programs within the College of Graduate Programs and Honors Studies.

A "fresh start" is defined as beginning a graduate program and having the graduate academic record amended to reflect no hours attempted and no graduate grade point average for the new program.  A new program, for "fresh start" purposes, is defined as one which a student transfers into while in active status or returns to from inactive status.  All courses and grades previously taken at Wright State University will remain on the student's academic record.

5580.2 Previous Coursework

Course work completed in a previous WSU or other institutions' graduate programs will not be automatically transferred or applied to the requirements of the new program.  The new graduate program may, however, recommend to the College of Graduate Programs and Honors Studies which courses previously taken are acceptable for transfer into the new program.  In no cases will the transfer credit exceed 50% of the required graduate credit hours required for the new program.  All credit recommended for acceptance must meet the transfer credit policy (UP# 5340).  After the Dean, College of Graduate Programs and Honors Studies, approves the transfer credit, the program advisor should enter the courses on the student's program of study.  Transfer credit grades will not be computed into the student's graduate grade point average for the new program.

5580.3 Procedure

To be considered for a "fresh start," the student must submit an application to the Dean of the College of Graduate Programs and Honors Studies. Application forms are available in the College of Graduate Programs and Honors Studies.  The Dean can approve the application or defer action on it to the Graduate Student Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate, which is the final appellate body for such decisions.  The student and the academic program are advised by letter of the Dean's or the Student Affairs Committee's decision.  If a favorable decision is rendered, the Registrar is sent a copy of the approved application and advised to make the appropriate adjustments to the student's academic record.

5580.4 Conditions

The following conditions and restrictions apply to a "fresh start" graduate program:

  1. A student granted a "fresh start" will be admitted into the new program as a conditional degree-seeking student.
  2. Concentrations of graduate programs do not constitute a new program and, therefore, do not apply to the "fresh start" policy.
  3. The new program must be completed with a minimum of 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours of graduate credit.
  4. The seven year rule for completing the program requirements starts with the semester or quarter that the student first registers for courses required by the new program.
  5. Only one "fresh start" will be granted to a graduate student at Wright State University.
  6. Petitions to waive any of the conditions of the "fresh start" policy will not be favorably considered by the College of Graduate Programs and Honors Studies.

5580.5 Fresh Start in a New Graduate Program

Graduate students may be granted a "fresh start" in a new graduate program if:

  1. The students are currently in active status pursuing a graduate program or inactive status having withdrawn or having been dismissed from a graduate program.
  2. The students have applied for admission and have been accepted by a graduate program different from the one that the students are currently pursuing or had pursued (an admissions petition may have to be submitted to permit acceptance into the new graduate program).

5580.6 Fresh Start in the Same Graduate Program

A fresh start into the same program may be granted to students who have withdrawn or were dismissed from a graduate program at Wright State University if:

  1. A period of time of no less than five years has lapsed since the student withdrew or was dismissed from a WSU graduate program AND
  2. A student has applied and been accepted into the same graduate program (an admissions petition may have to be submitted to permit acceptance into the graduate program).