New Minor Program or Concentration Proposals

4230.1 Minors

An officially designated minor program at Wright State University is a structured and coherent program of study that consists of at least 12 semester hours in a particular discipline.  It is intended to allow undergraduates the option of presenting another field of specialization in addition to a major as part of their permanent record at the University.  Minor programs are designed by academic departments and academic programs.  A department or unit may establish one or more minors; a minor program will bear the unit name or the name of a recognized field within the discipline.

4230.2 Concentrations

A concentration is an identified set of courses within a degree program indicating in-depth knowledge in a particular area of focus. Concentrations differ from majors in that the concentration must include a minimum of 50% of the curriculum within the major.

4230.3 Approvals for New Minors and Concentrations

All new minor programs or concentrations within a major must follow Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) and the Higher Learning Commission credit hour requirements.  The approval process for a new minor or concentration, as well as any modification, elimination or name change is initiated through submission of a request using the university curriculum approval process.  Such changes must be reviewed by the appropriate department curriculum committee, department chair, college or school curriculum committee, the college or school faculty if required by that unit; the Dean; the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee; and the Faculty Senate.  Proposals must be submitted to the Provost for final review and approval.