Academic Standards

5370.1 General Policy

All graduate students are expected to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0. A cumulative average of 3.0 is required for graduation

The grade of "C" is the minimum passing grade for graduate credit; however, six semester hours of "C" may be applied toward a master's degree.

A grade of "D" received in a graduate-level course may not be applied toward a graduate degree, nor may a grade of "D" in any course, undergraduate- or graduate-level, serve to satisfy a prerequisite for a graduate-level course.

5370.2 Evaluation

Graduate students who have attempted twelve quarter hours or nine semester hours of graduate study may be evaluated each term by their graduate program committee and/or the Graduate School (the program, however, has the right to review or evaluate a student's academic performance at any time). This evaluation shall take into account the standards listed above; individual colleges and programs may develop additional standards of their own. On the basis of this evaluation, and after review by the Graduate School, the student will be:

  • Recommended for continuation in the graduate program,
  • Placed on probationary status, or
  • Dismissed from the Program and the Graduate School.

5370.3 Probation

Students admitted in regular status who have earned nine or more graded semester hours of graduate credit will automatically be placed in probationary status the term their cumulative graduate grade point average (GPA) drops below a 3.0. A student in probationary status may remain enrolled only as long as all of the following conditions are met:

a) The student's current semester GPA is 3.0 or higher;
b) The total number of hours the student has earned that would count toward the student's degree program is less than or equal to the total number of hours required for completion of the program plus an additional nine hours;
c) The student undergoes formal advising before registering;
d) The student is following any applicable remediation plan.

If any of the above conditions is not met, then the student will be immediately dismissed. Any petition to reverse a dismissal decision under this policy will be considered (by the Student Affairs Committee) only if a) it is accompanied by a viable remediation plan, on the approved form and endorsed by the director of the student's program, and b) the completed petition (including the remediation plan) is received in the office of The Graduate School no later than seven business days after the dismissal decision is communicated in writing. Students who are dismissed can reapply for admission only after having been un-enrolled for at least one semester.

5370.4 Conditional Status

Students entering the Graduate School on a conditional basis will have their academic records reviewed by both their academic departments and the Graduate School at the end of the term in which they complete the first twelve quarter hours or nine semester hours of graduate course work. If the students' grade point averages are 3.0 or above they will be:

  1. Recommended for regular status in the graduate program.
  2. Retained on a conditional basis until the department is satisfied of their ability to do graduate-level work.

If the students' grade point averages are less than 3.0, they will be dismissed from the Graduate School.

5370.5 Non-degree Status

Students entering the Graduate School in non-degree status will have their work reviewed after the first twelve quarter hours or nine semester hours by the Graduate School. If the student's cumulative grade point average is below 3.0, the student will be dismissed from the Graduate School.

5370.6 Academic or Behavioral Misconduct

All cases involving potential academic or behavioral misconduct by graduate students will be referred to, and handled by, the Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct (OCSSC). The OCSSC will follow the procedures spelled out in the Code of Student Conduct. All processes for suspension, dismissal, or expulsion on grounds of misconduct will be handled through the OCSSC.