Interinstitutional Acquisition or Release of Research Equipment

6360.1 Uses of Guidelines

The guidelines for acquisition or release of research equipment between Wright State University and another, usually nonprofit, institution are intended to be used in the following situations:

  1. A new faculty member who has been utilizing unique or specialized equipment in his/her research program joins Wright State University. The faculty member proposes to bring that equipment to WSU when he/she relocates. The faculty member's present nonprofit employer either 1) agrees to release the specialized equipment to Wright State University at no cost, or 2) seeks to sell the equipment to Wright State University.
  2. A faculty member employed by Wright State University accepts an appointment at another nonprofit institution and seeks to take with him/her unique or specialized equipment utilized in his/her research program. Wright State University either 1) agrees to release the specialized equipment to the nonprofit organization at no charge, or 2) seeks to sell the equipment to the institution.

6360.2 Specific Guidelines

  • Appropriate assurances and certification must be obtained that any equipment acquired or relinquished by WSU clearly is able to be transferred, purchased, or sold.
  • The appropriate grant/contract instrument must be reviewed to assure that transfer is possible.
  • The transfer, purchase, or sale of equipment involving the use of grant or contract funds requires the written approval of the director of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.
  • The appropriate college/school dean and department chair must approve in writing any equipment transfer, purchase, or sale.
  • The recipient institution must pay all freight and delivery charges.
  • In reviewing the potential transfer, purchase, or sale of equipment, consideration must be given to whether it can be utilized by other researchers in their projects or whether duplicate equipment is currently available at WSU.
  • If the university wishes to purchase or sell any item of equipment, straight-line depreciation generally should be used in computing market value. Straight-line depreciation is computed by dividing the cost of the property less the estimated salvage value by the depreciation period. For the purpose of evaluating used scientific equipment, a five-year (sixty-month) life is assumed. The estimation of salvage value is arbitrary and varies with the type and construction of the equipment under consideration. The ESPM office must be consulted in establishing this parameter, as well as final market value of the specific equipment under consideration.