Space Heater Usage

13370.1 Policy

Space heaters should be limited to use in temporary conditions and with the restrictions for use as required by the local Fire Department. EH&S and Physical Plant reserve the right to inspect and remove from service any space heater that does not meet the listed requirements or creates a hazard.

The space heater must:

  • Be inspected /approved by Physical Plant prior to use, and be re-inspected annually; (Inspection stickers must be placed on the space heater); Call x4444 to request inspection.
  • Be UL or FM approved;
  • Be electric - units that require no more than 120 volts are permitted;
  • While most units have both a high and a low setting, the units should always be run on the low setting; usually 1000 watts or less.
  • Be in sound condition and working order. Units that have been modified or have frayed cords are forbidden. Units that malfunction must be removed;
  • Have a functioning "tip-over" OR “emergency shut off” switch;
  • Have a thermostat to regulate the heat output;
  • Must contain ceramic heating elements;
  • Be clearly visible;
  • Be placed only on a flat and level surface;
  • Be kept at least three (3) feet away from combustible and flammable materials, on all sides of the unit;
  • Be plugged directly into a wall outlet (NO EXTENSION CORDS PERMITTED);
  • Be turned off and unplugged at the end of the work day or when left unattended;
  • Not be used to heat an area that is not designed to be heated.