Course Repeats

5360.1 General Policy

Graduate students may repeat only two courses previously taken for which the grade received was below a “B” within a given graduate program. Only the hours and grade points earned the second time the course is taken will be included in the computation of the grade point average and the meeting of degree requirements.

Graduate students may repeat a repeated course a second time to satisfy completion of a required course. Under these circumstances both courses are averaged into the graduate cumulative grade point average.

5360.2 Repeated course due to Academic Sanctions

The above course repeat policy does not apply to a course(s) for which a grade(s) was issued as a sanction due to a violation of the University Academic Integrity Policy. If such a course is repeated, the course will not be designated as a repeat and both course grades will be averaged into the graduate cumulative grade point average. The course grade received as a sanction will remain on the student’s transcript.