Background Checks

8130.1 General Policy

To preserve the safety and security of the campus community and to maintain the integrity of university operations, it is the policy of Wright State University before making an employment offer conduct various background checks, such as a criminal record, credit history when job related and/or education verifications.  Additionally, an administrative review shall be conducted whenever the university learns that an employee is charged with or convicted of a crime (except for minor vehicle violations).

Frequently asked questions related to background checks may be found on the Human resources website at

8130.2 Positions

It is the responsibility of the hiring manager or supervisor to request background check and education verification.  Fingerprinting for BCI and FBI checks are also required which is mandated by the State of Ohio for all positions that work with minors.

For new hires coming directly from a residence outside of the U.S. the university will accept the security check conducted by the Department of Homeland Security prior to the applicant obtaining approval to work in the U.S., which is in the form of visa.

Anyone who has resided in the U.S. for at least twelve consecutive months, the university will conduct its customary background check.

  1. Positions covered by this policy:

    1. All prospective employees.

    2. Full and part time, temporary and seasonal.

    3. Visiting faculty and visiting researchers.

    4. Temporary staff provided by third part vendors unless the third party vendor has conducted its own background check that complies with university requirements.

    5. Employees, except for Adjuncts who have a break in service for more than one year and return to the university.
    6. Adjunct Faculty who teach in School of Professional Psychology, STEM School, College of Nursing and Health, and Boonshoft School of Medicine’s Family Medicine and Pediatrics Departments who have had more than 18 months break in service.
    7. Temporary staff who work in Pre-College Programs.
    8. Current employees transferring to positions that involve working with minors, fiscal responsibilities, etc.
    9. Other positions designated by the Office of the Provost and/or Human Resources.
  2. Positions excluded from this policy

    A background check is not required but may be requested for the following positions (the list is not inclusive).

    1. Student employee positions, unless the supervisor or Office of Career Services stipulates that a background check is required for a specific job title, department, work location, or specific category of student positions.

    2. Graduate assistant positions, unless the supervisor or School of Graduate Studies stipulates that a background check is required for a specific job title, department, work location, or specific category of graduate assistant positions.

    3. On-call or short term positions that generally have less than sixty (60) workdays in any twelve-month period, provided the employee will not have unsupervised access to university property or students.

    4. Adjunct Faculty who are not otherwise required by their college and accrediting body.
  3. Expenses will be covered as follows:
    1. HR will cover all new hire background check and fingerprinting fees except for Adjuncts, including Pre-College Summer Programs, and STEM School substitute teachers.
    2. Expenses for background check and fingerprinting fees for all Adjuncts and STEM School substitute teachers must be paid for by the hiring school/college/department.  A FOAPAL to charge must be provided to HR before a background check and/or fingerprinting can be completed.

8130.3 Procedure for Submitting Background Check and Education Verification Requests

The hiring manager is responsible for advising candidates during the interview process, or at another appropriate point in the selection process, that the university requires background check and verification as a condition of employment.  Once a top candidates are selected for the position, the hiring department shall request background check and education verification via PeopleAdmin.  Generally, no one should be hired prior to obtaining the results of background check and education verification.  However, it is recognized that there may be extenuating circumstances that necessitate making an employment offer before the background check and education verification have been completed. In this situation, the employment offer is contingent on the results of a background check and education verification.

8130.4 Conduct of Background Check and Notification to Requesting Hiring Manager

  • The vendor contracted by the university will provide the results of the background check to the Human Resources.  Generally, Human Resources will receive the results within five to seven workdays.

  • To ensure consistent application of this policy, Human Resources will immediately assess the background check report to determine whether any information in the background check indicates that the applicant is not suited for university employment, based on the standards set forth in section 4003.5.  Before reaching a final determination that any candidate should be barred from university employment, the associate vice president for human resources shall consult with the general counsel, associate provost for faculty and staff affairs, appropriate vice president, or dean.  Human Resources will notify the hiring manager by e-mail whether the applicant is cleared for employment or barred from employment.  The background report will not be disseminated.

8130.5 Standards for Reviewing Background Check Reports

  1. A criminal conviction or plea of guilty will not automatically disqualify an applicant for a particular job.  Factors that will be considered in making a determination whether a criminal conviction or plea of guilty will exclude an applicant from further employment consideration include but are not necessarily limited to:

    1. the type of crime.

    2. the frequency of violations.

    3. the applicant's age at the time of conviction, the date of conviction or time elapsed since the conviction, or completion of any jail sentence.

    4. the applicant's entire work and education history, including employment references and recommendations.

    5. the particular position.

  2. Failure to provide complete and factual information pertaining to any criminal conviction or plea of guilty will be sufficient cause to bar the applicant from employment or to remove the individual from his/her position, regardless of the seriousness of the offense.

  3. The final responsibility for determining whether an applicant's background check excludes him/her from employment rests with the associate vice president for human resources after consultation with the general counsel, associate provost, appropriate vice president, or dean for non-academic positions or with the provost for academic positions.

8130.6 Applicant Review Background Check Report

  • The hiring manager shall notify the applicant whenever he/she is excluded from employment due to the results of a background check.

  • An applicant who is excluded from employment due to his/her background check shall have the right to review the report and offer an explanation. The hiring manager shall refer the applicant to Human Resources.

  • Human Resources will verify any disputed background check report.

8130.7 Credit Reports

The university does not routinely obtain and review credit reports as part of the pre-employment screening process. Operating units that believe there is a job related need to include a credit rating review in the pre-employment process must present a request and obtain approval from Human Resources.  Additionally, Human Resources shall implement procedures to ensure that any approved credit reports are obtained and applied in a manner that is consistent with state and federal laws.

8130.8 Education Verifications

The university utilizes National Student Clearinghouse for its domestic education verifications and our contracted vendor for international degree verification.  Education verifications are obtained by Human Resources as part of the pre-employment process.

8130.9 Employees Charged with a Crime

It is the responsibility of the employee's supervisor to notify the provost or appropriate vice president and Human Resources immediately when an employee has been charged with a crime (except for minor motor vehicle violations).  Upon investigation of the relevant facts and circumstances, a determination will be made of the appropriate action to be taken.  The action should be consistent with the responsibility to protect the security of the university community and the integrity of university operations.

8130.10 Procedures

Procedures for processing background checks and education verification are available at