Review of Administrators

2060.1 Purpose

This review process is designed to facilitate faculty involvement in the review of selected administrators by providing faculty the opportunity to communicate their assessment of administrators' performance.

2060.2 Scope

Administrators to be reviewed under this policy include the provost, deans, department chairs, the university librarian, and the directors of Computing and Telecommunications Services (CATS) and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL).

In the Schools of Medicine and of Professional Psychology only the deans are subject to review under this policy because their by-laws provide a separate system of administrative review.

2060.3 Frequency of Review

Faculty will be given regular opportunities to comment on administrators' performance by means of (1) an informal annual feedback mechanism and (2) a fifth year formal review.

2060.4 Informal Annual Feedback

The administrator's supervisor will establish a mechanism whereby he or she annually solicits feedback from faculty in the administrator's unit. Normally, this will be done by means of a memo inviting feedback to be sent to the supervisor. The supervisor will share all feedback received only with the administrator.

2060.5 Formal Fifth Year Review

A formal review will be conducted in the fifth year and in every fifth year thereafter. The initiation of a review is the responsibility of the administrator's supervisor, who shall tailor the review to the unique aspects of the position. Any method or methods of information gathering may be used providing that the review seeks information from all full-time faculty members of the administrator's unit.

The supervisor will summarize findings of the review in a final report that is made available to the faculty of the administrator's unit.

2060.6 Policy Administration

The Office of the Provost shall oversee the implementation of this policy and its continued administration.