Reduction in Workforce (RIF) and Notice of Job Elimination

8217.1 Introduction/Scope

Conditions may arise that necessitate the reduction of the university work force. Reduction of classified positions may occur for a variety of reasons, such as budgetary constraints, changing priorities, lack of work, efficiency improvements or reorganization.

While business needs may require employee reductions, the University recognizes the valued contributions of its workforce, aspires to support those in transition, and aligns its approach with its core values of “people and sustainability.”


8217.2 Policy

When the university determines that a position in the classified service will be eliminated, the employee currently occupying the position will have the option to select one of the following:

  1. Take the involuntary separation option available to Unclassified Staff of one week per completed year of service with a minimum of 4 weeks and maximum of 24 weeks;
  2. Accept a vacant classified position in the same job classification for which they qualify, if one is available; or
  3. Accept a layoff and be placed on a recall list to be eligible to be recalled to the same job classification within the university for one year from the date of notice of layoff.

8217.3 Procedures

  • Statement of rationale and/or documentation must be reviewed and on file with Human Resources prior to the layoff/RIF. In instances of larger scale reductions, HR will conduct a disparate impact analysis in partnership with Legal Affairs/General Counsel.
  • Classified employees will be provided with fourteen (14) calendar days’ notice of the position elimination and the options available, but must notify HR, in writing, within five (5) calendar days’ which of the available options they choose to exercise. Once HR is notified, decisions may not be revoked.
  • If more than one classified position is being eliminated at any given time, the option to accept a vacancy will be provided in seniority order. (i.e. the most senior impacted employee will be provided the option of vacancy first, followed by the next most senior, etc.)
  • Employees choosing to accept an available vacancy will be required to serve a probationary period. Should the employee fail to successfully complete the probationary period, they will be considered to be laid off and will be provided with 30 days’ notice. Employees failing a probationary period will not be placed on the recall list.
  • Those employees that elect a layoff, and are returned to the University from the recall list, will not be listed as having a break in service.
  • Any impacted staff member interested in additional career support may contact Human Resources (Talent Management Center of Excellence) for resume review, interviewing tips, coaching, and other job resources that may be available.

Classified employees can be terminated for documented just cause, as provided in applicable laws, rules, and regulations. The reduction in workforce/job elimination process should not be used to circumvent good performance management practices.

This policy excludes classified staff members who are on special contracts and/or on renewable appointments as these time-limited appointments are identified at the outset of employment.

This policy is not applicable to staff covered by a collective bargaining agreement as those contracts contain specific layoff/RIF provisions.

8217.4 Resources