Employment Specifications for Grant/Contract Funded Positions

8220.1 Required Information about Funding and Contracts

All personnel requests, position announcements, contracts, and salary notices for positions funded by grants or contracts for faculty and staff must specify that the position is dependent on funding from non-university sources and that continued employment is contingent on that grant or contract. All contract personnel will be employed on special contracts, and faculty on such contracts will not be eligible for tenure.

8220.2 Documentation and Certification of Funds

The requisitioner is responsible for placing a statement regarding the nature of the funding and contract (8220.1) on the appropriate documents and for specifying the grant/contract number or the source of special funding. The Department of Human Resources will check to make certain that such a statement appears and will return the document to the requisitioner if it does not. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will certify that the funds are available before any position is posted.

8220.3 Discussion with a Prospective Employee

In discussions with any prospective employee hired under a grant or contract, the employer (grant director) should make it clear, both verbally and by the written notation on the contract or salary notice, that the individual will be employed by the university only so long as grant or contract funds are available.

8220.4 Personnel Regulations

Even though a position may be funded by a grant, the employee will be subject to all Wright State University personnel regulations. Supervisors must give the usual notice before the employee is terminated, and vacation time is expected to be taken before the end of the contract period.

8220.5 Exception for University Employee on Continuing Status

This policy does not apply to a previously hired university employee on continuing status who subsequently may be funded by a grant or contract for all or part of his/her time.