Staff Service and Professional Development

8610.1 Policy Statement

It is expected that all Wright State University employees have the opportunity to participate in shared governance, professional development and lifelong learning. The following are guidelines for supervisors as they provide opportunities for all staff to be engaged university citizens.

8610.2 All Staff

All Staff (both classified and unclassified) be released for a minimum of 15 hours per year* for activities such as the following:

  1. Staff Development Day (4 hours twice per year)
  2. Town Halls/Open Forums (2 hours twice per year)
  3. We Serve U
  4. University Programs (Program Kickoffs, Faculty & Staff & Retirees Picnic, April Craze, Fall Fest, Move-In day, President's Award for Excellence reception, Convocation, etc.)
  5. Any Classified Staff Advisory Council (CSAC), Unclassified Staff Advisory Council (USAC) or university sanctioned committee/subcommittee

(These are examples. This is not an exhaustive list.)

In addition, Wright State University encourages supervisors to support staff in taking advantage of the General Education Benefits Program Policy. Some ways in which this can be done is to include taking a course during a flexible lunch hour or comp time and vacation if the class if offered during work hours.

* Individual staff and office needs should be considered by supervisors in making determinations regarding staff participation in a particular activity.

8610.3 Elected USAC and CSAC

Elected USAC and CSAC (2 year term) be released, in addition to the above, an additional minimum of 48 hours per year for the activities such as but not limited to the following:

  1. Monthly meetings (2 hours per month)
  2. Monthly committee meeting i.e. University and USAC or CSAC committees, such as Welcome Committee for orientations and new employee visits, Vision and Strategic Planning committees (2 hours per month)

8610.4 USAC and CSAC Chairs

USAC and CSAC Chairs (3 year term)

University to replace 25% of staff salary for the CSAC chair released for 10 hours per week. This release would compensate officers' home department for work they do for the university and their respective advisory councils.