University Marks, Words, Logos, and Symbols

12020.1 General Policy

Wright State University regulates and controls the use of the university's name and other marks, words, logos, and symbols. Allrequests for their use must be coordinated through the Office of General Counsel.

12020.2 Protection, Promotion, and Control

The university has entered into an agreement with the Licensing Resource Group. This agreement is designed to protect, promote, and control the commercial and noncommercial use of Wright State University's registered trademarks, words, logos, and symbols. This agreement includes items produced for revenue generation and items used for gifts and promotional purposes.

12020.3 Licensing Office

When a university department or student organization becomes involved in developing products bearing Wright State University's marks, such activities must be coordinated through the Office of General Counsel, accompanied by artwork or graphics and details as to how the university mark will be used. The artwork or graphics must be approved by the Office of Communications. All departments and student organizations must use a licensed manufacturer to produce the items. A list of licensed vendors is available at the Office of General Counsel or the Office of Strategic Procurement and at