Facilities and Endowments

10100.1 Naming Policy

The Board of Trustees of Wright State University retains authority for naming (or renaming) buildings, components of buildings, open spaces, and other physical facilities of the university and for establishing guidelines for the naming of endowments in support of the university. The Advancement Committee of the Board of Trustees, in consultation with the president of the university, recommends for approval by the Board the names of individuals and organizations to be honored.

10100.2 Naming of Facilities

Facilities for the purpose of this policy include any building, components of and areas within a building, outdoor space, or other identifiable physical feature of the university.

  1. Naming in honor of an individual (no gift involved)

    1. A proposed honoree shall have achieved distinction while serving the university in an academic, administrative, or support capacity or have contributed in exceptional ways to the betterment of the university, state of Ohio, or education in general.

    2. Facilities ordinarily shall not be named for individuals currently employed by the university or individuals currently holding public office.

    3. An individual usually shall not be considered for naming recognition within one year after the person's death.

    4. It is intended that private contributions will be provided for the support of the facility to be named in honor of an individual. The level of contributions should reflect the general guidelines outlined in paragraphs 3701.2 b), c), and d).

  2. Naming for a benefactor (gift involved)

    1. A facility may be named for an individual or organization benefactor who makes a significant contribution toward the costs of initial construction or renovation of a building, component of a building, or other physical facility on campus.

    2. As general guidelines, the following commitments are required for construction or renovation of a building or component of a building:

      1. New buildings. An amount no less than 25 percent of the cost of construction.

      2. Components of new buildings. An amount between 50 percent and 100 percent of the construction cost per square footage.

      3. Existing building. An amount no less than 25 percent of current construction costs.

      4. Components of existing buildings. An amount between 50 percent and 100 percent of current costs of construction per square footage.

  3. It is intended that gifts to name facilities shall fund either the total construction cost of the facility or provide substantial funding for that portion of the total construction cost which would not be available from other sources, as determined on an individual basis.

  4. An individual or organization donor making a substantial gift to the university or a specific college or unit, but a gift which is not designated for a new or existing building, may be recognized by the naming of a building, component of a building, or other campus facility. In this instance, the magnitude of the gift should be consistent with the general gift levels for naming facilities.

10100.3 Naming of Endowments

An endowment fund may be contributed and named for an individual or organization benefactor, or a specified honoree, to provide a permanent source of funding for restricted or unrestricted purposes as specified by the donor. The following paragraphs provide general guidelines for named endowment categories and minimum funding requirements.

  1. Faculty and student endowments

    Purpose Endowment Level
    Academic Chair $1,500,000
    Distinguished Chair $1,000,000
    Professorship $500,000
    Lectureship $250,000
    Visiting Scholar $250,000
    Post-Doctoral/Doctoral Fellowship $400,000
    Master's Fellowship $300,000
    Full Scholarship (in state) $75,000
    Partial Scholarship $10,000
  2. Program endowments (e.g., lecture series, artist performance series, libraries, teacher/scholar awards, equipment, and building funds) may be established by gifts at a recommended minimum level of $100,000.

  3. Endowment gift requirements to name an entire college, school, or other prominent institutional program or unit will be determined on an individual basis.

  4. The Wright State University Foundation, Inc., generally receives and manages endowed funds for the benefit of the university and the specified purpose of the fund.

  5. The minimum recommended endowment level is $10,000. An endowment fund may be established within a reasonable period (usually two to five years) agreed upon by the donor and the Wright State University Foundation, Inc. A gift or pledge to establish an endowed fund shall be accompanied by a formal, signed document detailing the endowment agreement.

  6. Academic or program units, in consultation with University Advancement, may offer special endowment naming opportunities at appropriate levels of funding, provided the opportunities are consistent with the general guidelines in paragraph 3701.3 a).

  7. Minimum funding requirements for named endowments will be reviewed periodically to ensure that the endowment amount provides an annual distribution consistent with university program requirements and economic conditions.