Holiday Lighting & Decoration

13375.1 Policy

Listed below are Wright State's fire safety requirements for holiday decorations. Please help enforce these requirements for a safe work environment during this holiday season.

  • No lit candles are permitted in the buildings per the Ohio Fire Code and the Fairborn Fire Marshal. (The only exception to this rule is for the Madrigral Dinner; permission given from Fairborn Fire Department)
  • Artificial Christmas trees or live Christmas trees which are ready for planting, i.e., root system set in soil and bagged may be used for decoration. Cut trees or other vegetation are not permitted in campus buildings, per the Ohio Fire Code, without the approval of the Fairborn Fire Marshal (or local Fire Department) and Casualty Prevention, Physical Plant department. Approval from the local Fire Department will be coordinated through Casualty Prevention, Physical Plant department. .
  • If approval is given, any cut trees or other cut vegetation or hanging decorations in campus buildings must be flame retardant treated and must be maintained for the duration of time the decorations are in the buildings.
  • Decorations shall not interfere with access to room or building exits and fire extinguishers or obstruct the view of exit signs and emergency lighting.
  • Only fused power cords (fused power strips) that are UL approved are permitted for holiday decorative lighting.
  • Fused power cords cannot be used in series (together) to make electrical connections.
  • Extension cords are prohibited by the State Fire Code and are not to be used.
  • No electrical cords shall be passed through doorways, under carpets or rugs, wrapped around table legs or similar metal objects, or placed in walkways so as to present a tripping hazard.
  • Electrical decorations must be UL approved and must be in sound condition. Decorations with patched or taped electrical cords or other electrical components are not considered to be UL approved and are not permitted.
  • ​All displays, including Christmas trees, must be unplugged at the end of each workday.
  • Only 20% of the overall length of any hallway is permitted to be decorated per the Ohio Fire Code.
  • Absolutely no decorations of any type are permitted within university stairwells, nor in the vestibule areas.

If you have any questions, please contact, Cory Collins, Casualty Prevention Supervisor of Physical Plant at extension 4560, or email