Posthumous Degrees and Recognitions

3660.1 Posthumous Degree Definitions

Posthumous degrees represent a recognition of completion of degree requirements by individuals who had been enrolled at Wright State University continuously for at least one year prior to their deaths, and who pass away having completed at least 75% of their degree completion requirements.

3660.2 Procedure for Applying for Posthumous Degrees

The application process may be initiated by a full-time professional employee of Wright State University, a family member of the deceased, or legal representative. The process may be initiated for an individual whose death has not yet occurred, but for whom there is a high probability that death will occur before the next scheduled commencement.

All applications will go through the following procedure described below:

  • All initiations for consideration for posthumous degrees will first be forwarded to the dean of the appropriate college or school. The dean will then request the Office of the Registrar and the relevant degree program or college to verify that the student meets the requirements for a posthumous degree.
  • Following verification from the Registrar and the degree program faculty, the dean will forward the written recommendation for awarding the degree to the Provost.
  • Posthumous degrees will be awarded at the next appropriate graduation ceremony in the twelve-month period following the death of the student, with special attention being given to allowing for the proper and timely notification of the family or next of kin

3660.3 Posthumous Recognition

For applications that do not meet the eligibility criteria for a posthumous degree, the Provost may, at their discretion, issue a posthumous recognition in lieu of a posthumous degree.

3660.4 Exceptions

In the event that the deceased does not meet one or more of the components of the definition outlined in Section .1, or an abrupt or untimely death occurs that makes it difficult to complete the procedure outlined in Section .2 in a timely way, the Provost may accept a petition to expedite or grant an exception to any of the criteria, with notification to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee.