Refunds and Refund Appeals

3420.1 Policy Statement

A student who officially drops or withdraws* from one or more classes by the published deadline may receive a refund if the total registration impacts the tuition cost.  A student who registers and remains in the "flat" billing range of 11-18 credit hours is not eligible for a refund.  A student who registers for more than 18 credit hours and drops to 18 credit hours or less or a student who is registered for 11 or more credit hours and drops below 11 credit hours may be eligible to receive a refund.

3420.2 Refunds

One hundred percent refund of instructional fees is made for official withdrawals and drops* made before the term begins and through the Friday of the second week of the semester for classes meeting the full semester.  Summer classes and classes meeting less than the full semester will have shorter, pro-rated refund deadlines.  Deadlines to drop a class with a full refund are published in the academic calendar for the full term, and each half-semester term (A- and B-term).  Flexibly schedule classes (X-Flex term) that meet on a schedule other than the full-, A, B-term will have pro-rated refund deadlines that will determined based on the length of the course.  Students may obtain official drop and refund deadlines using the X-flex term calculator located with the academic calendar.  Course fees will be refunded on the same schedule as instructional fees unless otherwise noted in the class schedule published each semester.  For withdrawals after the published deadline, no refund will be given.  All refunds will be determined as of the date of official withdrawal.  An exception to this policy will be granted for reservists and active duty military personnel who are deployed for the purpose of military action.

3420.3 Appeals

Students who have experienced extraordinary extenuating circumstances during a term and who officially drop or withdraw after the refund period may submit a petition for a partial refund which, if approved, will be prorated according to the date of official withdrawal.*

Nonattendance of classes or failure to pay for classes does not constitute official withdrawal.  Refunds will not be granted for a course after one of the following grades has been assigned:  A, B, C, D, F, X, I, U, P, S, NR, NU OR XU.  Refund petition forms may be completed at Raider Connect, in the Student Union.  The deadline for submitting a refund petition and supporting documentation to Raider Connect is July 15, following the end of an academic year.  The Refund Petition Committee meets monthly and is comprised of representatives from The Offices of the Registrar, Bursar, Financial Aid, the College of Graduate Programs and Honors Studies, Student Health Services, and a faculty member.  Students will receive notice of the petition outcome to their Wright State University email address, or via U.S. mail to address provided on the refund petition form if requested.

*The University defines official withdrawals or drops as those processed by one of the following methods:

It is the student's responsibility to make sure the drop/withdrawal was completed correctly at the time of the request.  This may be done by checking the adjusted schedule on WINGS EXPRESS after completing a transaction.  Students who withdraw or drop a class at Raider Connect will receive a printed copy of the adjusted schedule after the transaction has been completed and may also verify their updated schedule in WINGS Express.

Students who withdraw after the University's official refund period will not receive a full (100%) refund by petitioning.  Refunds resulting from an approved refund petition will be based on the date of official withdrawal and prorated according to the following schedule:

Full Semester
Day of Term

Half Semester
(A- or B-term)
Day of Session

(X-Flex term)

% of Refund
11-19 6-9

Prorated depending

20-24 10-12

on the length of

25-29 13-14

the course

30-34 15-17   20%

A student whose refund petition has been denied may file an appeal by submitting a letter of appeal to the Refund Appeals Committee in care of Raider Connect.  Letters of Appeal and any additional supporting documentation must be received within 10 working days of the denial notification related to the refund petition.  Refund petition decisions that are reversed and approved by the Committee will be prorated based on the date of official withdrawal.  The decision of the Refund Appeals Committee will be final.