Policy on Policies

0001.1 University Policy

A University Policy is an officially approved written statement that (a) sets standards or procedures for academic and administrative functions of the university; (b) directs actions of faculty, staff, students and others who engage with the university or come onto its premises; and (c) applies university-wide, across colleges, schools and divisions. College, school, department, division and unit policies are not subject to this policy, although University policies control in the event of conflicts.

0001.2 Location of University Policies

The current official version of all University Policies, both administrative and academic, is maintained on the University Policies website, http://policy.wright.edu/. To ensure consistency, all other web appearances of University Policies should be links to the University Policies website.

0001.3 Compliance with University Policies

WSU faculty, staff and students, as well as other persons who visit or have contact with the university are expected to comply with federal and state laws, applicable regulations and current collective bargaining agreements, and University Policies

0001.4 Policy Administration

Unless otherwise directed by the Board of Trustees, the authority to approve new University Policies, amendments to existing University Policies, and rescindments resides with the Provost.

Except for minor adjustments made in accordance with POLICY MAINTENANCE, as set forth below, no additions, changes or deletions may be made to University Policy without the express written permission of the Provost. A University Policy Coordinator appointed by the Provost is responsible for adding, modifying and deleting policies to the University Website as approved by the Provost and as otherwise permitted by this policy (see “Policy Maintenance,” below); maintaining records of Provost Approvals; coordinating a review of all policies every five years; and promulgating policy changes to the university community.

0001.5 Approvals of New and Revised University Policies

Written proposals for new policies, amendments or rescindments should be submitted to the Provost, who will oversee and facilitate the process of reviewing, further modifying as necessary, and seeking approval for the new or revised policy. In most cases the Provost will delegate these tasks to the University Policy Coordinator.

While there is no prescribed sequence by which a proposed policy change undergoes consideration, the process of approving a new University Policy or modifying an existing University policy routinely includes the following persons and groups:


Person or group

Included in the process



Functional Area




Executive Responsibility




Faculty Senate, Staff Council or other Group

At the discretion of the President, Provost, or University Policy Coordinator



Council of Deans

Yes, for academic policies; at the discretion of the Provost for others.



President’s Cabinet

Yes, for administrative policies; at the discretion of the Provost for others.



Board of Trustees

At the discretion of the President

Approval or comment, at the discretion of the Board





0001.6 Policy Format

All policies will be entered into the Universities Policy website in a consistent format, with the following headers:

Policy Name

Policy Number

assigned by the Provost or designee so as to best fit within the organizational scheme of the University Policies

Date Created/Revised

the most recent date of approval by the Provost (initial or revised)



one or two individuals (e.g., a Vice President or the Provost) and/or entities (e.g., Faculty Senate or Graduate Council) with academic or supervisory authority related to a University Policy.

As appropriate, policies will have additional headers such as:



the individual or office most closely associated with implementation of a University Policy

Applies To

restrictions of applicability (e.g., undergraduate students only or faculty not represented by collective bargaining) where such restrictions are not clearly evident in the policy statement


Links to government regulations and state or federal laws directing or controlling a policy

0001.7 Policy Maintenance

Changes that the Coordinator may make to University Policy are restricted to:

  1. additions, modifications, and rescindments approved by the Provost in compliance with this Policy on Policies. The date the Provost signs approval of these formal changes is entered as the “Date Created/Revised.” Changes listed in items 2-5, below, do not affect the “Date Created/Revised.”
  2. correction of obvious errors (e.g., spelling, punctuation, and grammar).
  3. necessary changes to links within a policy, names or titles, contact information, or other specifics that do not alter the statement of policy. (Requires the written approval of all persons named as having Executive Responsibility for the policy)
  4. names of persons or entities with Executive Responsibility. (Requires the written approval of the Provost or President)
  5. names of individuals or offices with Functional Responsibility. (Requires the written approval of the Provost or the individuals and entities with Executive Responsibility for that policy)


0001.8 Policy Review

While policies may be revised as needed, all University Policies will be reviewed no less than every five years. The University Policy Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the review process, and those persons and entities with Executive Responsibility are responsible for conducting the reviews.

Each policy will be reviewed in the fifth year following its “Date Created/Revised,” using procedures as determined by those with Executive Responsibility. Following the review, those with Executive Responsibility will provide a written statement that the existing policy is (a) accurate and current, or (b) in need of revision. If no revisions are needed, the “date created/revised” will be updated to the date of the review. If revisions are recommended, then the approval process set forth in this Policy on Policies will be initiated.