Credit By Examination

5345.1 General Policy

A graduate student may be awarded graduate credit by an academic unit based on the successful completion of an examination prepared by that academic unit or portfolio assessed by that academic unit. The development and offering of such an examination or portfolio assessment is at the discretion of the individual academic unit. To apply for credit by examination you must: be admitted to a graduate program and registered at Wright State University; complete the appropriate form (available from the Office of the Registrar, Raider Connect, academic departments or the College of Graduate Programs and Honors Studies); receive approval from both the graduate program director and the department administering the exam or portfolio assessment; schedule the examination or portfolio assessment with the participating academic unit; pay a non refundable $150 fee at the Office of the Bursar; take and pass the examination with at least a grade of “B” or receive a course equivalent portfolio assessment. Signatures of the examiner or portfolio assessor and the department chair are required to indicate course equivalency based on completion of the examination or portfolio assessment.

5345.2 Credit Hour Limit

A maximum of twelve quarter hours or eight semester hours of graduate credit received through credit by examination may be applied toward graduate degree requirements. This credit may be elective and/or program required credit. Colleges may specify which courses may be completed through credit by examination

5345.3 Procedure

A particular course requirement may be waived through the successful completion of a proficiency examination. To apply for a proficiency examination, you must: complete the appropriate form (available at the Office of the Registrar); schedule the examination with the participating academic unit; pay the nonrefundable $25 fee at the Office of the Bursar; and take and pass the examination.