Course Registration, Add, Attendance, and Drop Policy

3430.1 Registration and Add

For the majority of courses, students may register or add courses anytime through the published drop/add deadline. For courses designated "Instructor Approval Required" or “Department Approval Required”, students may register or add only with the appropriate approval. Departments must notify the registrar which courses require instructor or department approval when the courses are scheduled. After the published drop/add deadline, instructor approval is required for all course enrollment. Students registering after the term begins are responsible for all missed assignments and cannot expect that due dates will be altered.

To retroactively add a course after the term has ended, students must submit a petition following the guidelines of the Undergraduate Petitions policy

3430.2 Attendance and Drop

Instructors establish attendance policies and penalties for absences for individual courses; penalties may include lowering of the grade or even failure if the absences exceed those permitted by the instructor. Such policies and penalties should be included in the course syllabus and available to the students at the first class meeting, or the first day of the term for online courses.

Students enrolled before the first day of term may be dropped from a course in which they are registered for being absent from the first two class meetings (for courses meeting more than once a week) or from the first class (for courses meeting only once a week). In the case of online courses, students who do not login to a course for which they are registered in the specified learning management system and complete first week activities may be dropped. The instructor must notify the student and Registrar's Office promptly for the students to be removed from the roll.

Any student not meeting the prerequisities for a course may be dropped from the course.  Such administrative drops shall be completed by the end of the second week of the semester.