Course Registration, Add, Attendance, and Administrative Drop Policy

3430.1 Registration and Add

For the majority of courses, students may register or add courses anytime through the published drop/add deadline. For courses designated "Instructor Approval Required" or “Department Approval Required”, students may register or add only with the appropriate approval. Departments must notify the registrar which courses require instructor or department approval when the courses are scheduled. After the published drop/add deadline, instructor approval is required for all course enrollment. Students registering after the term begins are responsible for all missed assignments and cannot expect that due dates will be altered.

To retroactively add a course after the term has ended, students must submit a petition following the guidelines of the Undergraduate Petitions policy.

3430.2 Attendance

Wright State University recognizes that students who regularly attend and actively participate in classes taught in any format (face-to-face, online, hybrid, etc.) are more likely to succeed; therefore, Wright State expects students to attend classes regularly and punctually and to be prepared for class meetings.

Instructors establish attendance policies and penalties for absences for individual courses; penalties may include lowering of the grade or even failure if the absences exceed those permitted by the instructor. Such policies and penalties should be included in the course syllabus and available to the students at the first class meeting, or the first day of the term for online courses.

Students must establish attendance or complete an academically related activity for each individual course.

For face-to-face, mostly or partially online courses, the establishment of attendance means students must attend/participate in as least one class session or complete an academic related activity as described below.

For fully online courses, documenting that a student has logged into an online class is not sufficient, by itself, to demonstrate attendance.  Examples of participation in an academically related activity in an online class include:

  • student submission of an academic assignment,
  • student submission of an exam,
  • documented student participation in an interactive tutorial or computer-assisted instruction,
  • a posting by the student showing the student's participation in an online study group that is assigned by the institution,
  • a posting by the student in a discussion forum showing the student's participation in a online discussion about academic matters, and
  • an email from the student or other documentation showing that the student-initiated contact with a faculty member to ask a question about the academic subject studied in the course.


3430.3 Administrative Drop

  1. Definitions
    1. The term Administrative Drop is generally used to refer to students who were administratively removed from a class or classes by the university.
  2. Conditions

    Administrative Drops may occur due to a number of circumstances, including the following:
    1. Students who do not establish attendance may be administratively dropped from a course in which they are registered.  The instructor must promptly notify the student and the Office of the Registrar for the students to be removed for the class roster.  A student who is administratively dropped from co-requisite course(s) may be subject to an administrative drop of the related co-requisite course(s).
    2. Any student not meeting the prerequisites for a course may be dropped from the course.  Such administrative drops shall be completed by the end of the 100% refund period for the class.