Course Repeats and Replacement

3520.1 General Policy

For courses in which a grade of B, C, D, F, X, or NR has been earned, a student may repeat one or more courses with grade replacement up to a cumulative total of five grade replacements. For these courses, only the grade for the last attempt will be counted in the hours earned and cumulative GPA. However, every grade received for a repeated course will become part of the student's permanent record.

A course with fixed content can be retaken to affect the student's cumulative GPA. A course is considered a repeat with grade replacement when a student earns a grade of B, C, D, F, X, or NR for the course and retakes the course resulting in a grade of A, B, C, D, F, X, or NR. All such courses will be counted toward the five-course maximum. Withdrawals (W) are not counted as repeats.

During the term in which a student reaches the fifth repeat with replacement, should more than the fifth repeat be in progress, the course(s) with the greater number of credit hours will be applied toward the five repetitions. If there is no difference in credit hours, the course(s) in which the grade has (have) improved the most will be applied.

For all courses repeated after a student has reached the maximum of five repetitions, each grade will be counted in the cumulative GPA. Credit hours earned will be counted only once.

All courses repeated before the effective date of this policy will be counted toward the five-course maximum. There will be no adjustment of GPA's posted for previous terms.

All students are subject to this policy effective June 13, 2011. However, continuing and returning students may petition/request to remain subject to the previous policy, and such requests will be approved for all courses repeated through Summer 2012.

In calculating the cumulative GPA for the purpose of graduating with honors, only the first grade earned for a course will be counted.

Students may not repeat a course after graduation in order to alter their final GPA at the date of graduation. A course may be repeated later, but the second grade will not affect the undergraduate GPA.

Transfer courses are excluded from the five-repetition replacement policy. Students who have transferred courses with grades of B, C, or D may take equivalent courses at Wright State. In those cases, the hours earned for the Wright State course(s) will be counted and be included in the cumulative GPA. The hours for the transfer course will no longer be counted, but the transfer GPA will remain unchanged. To increase knowledge, students may repeat courses at Wright State for which they have transferred an equivalent course with a grade higher than a B; however, the hours and points from the Wright State course will not be used to meet graduation requirements.

Grades assigned as part of a disciplinary action may not be replaced.

Students who have been dismissed may not appeal on the grounds of intention to repeat courses.

Students in those program units whose repeat policy is more rigorous than that of the university shall follow the policy of that department, college or school.

In some instances, repeating courses could affect financial aid or other assistance. Students should consult with appropriate offices prior to registration.

3520.2 Repeating and Replacing Quarter-Hour Courses

Quarter to Semester Transition Implementation

In replacing grades of quarter courses with grades earned in semester courses:

  1. Quarter courses that have a direct, approved one-to-one equivalency with a specific semester course will automatically be eligible for repeat and grade replacement.
  2. For Quarter courses that are part of a course sequence, the default repeat/grade replacement will be:
    • The grade in the first course of a two-semester course sequence will, when repeated, replace the grade of the first course in a three-quarter sequence.
    • The grade in the second course of a two-semester course sequence will, when repeated, replace the lower grade of either the second or third quarter course.

Exceptions to the above are available only through a petition process. Faculty in the departments or units offering the course(s) make decisions regarding such petitions.
In all circumstances, repeat of a single course can replace only a single course grade.