Responsible Use of University Computing Resources

11210.1 General Policy

  • Wright State University provides computers, computing systems, and networks for faculty, staff, and other users to fulfill the university's mission of teaching, research, and service. Computing resources are the property of the university, and all use of university computing resources must be authorized and authenticated.

  • This policy applies to the use of all Wright State University computing resources, whether administered by the Department of Computing and Telecommunications Services (CaTS), by individual colleges and departments, or by off-campus units that connect remotely to the university's network and operate under the aegis of Wright State University.  Non-university owned computing resources, while attached to the university network, are subject to the same policies as university owned computing resources.

11210.2 Compliance

  • Responsible use of university computing resources by faculty, staff, and other users requires compliance as follows:

    1. Users must comply with local, state, federal, and international regulations and statutes, including copyright law and trademark law.  Users also must abide by all university policies.

    2. Users must abide by the terms of software licensing agreements and contracts that pertain to the university's computing, information, and communications resources.

    3. Personal use of university computing resources is permitted when such use does not:

      1. result in personal commercial, financial, or other gain;

      2. consume a significant amount of computing resources; or

      3. interfere with the performance of the user's job or other university responsibilities.

      Further limits may be imposed upon personal use in accordance with normal departmental procedures.

  • Users are responsible for the security of their computer resources and for activity that originates from their accounts.  Users should not share their accounts or use accounts for which they are not authorized.

  • Users should be considerate in their use of computer resources and not perform acts that are deliberately wasteful of computing resources or that unfairly monopolize resources.

  • Any exception to this policy requires the recommendation of the appropriate dean or vice president, written approval of the provost, and appropriate contractual arrangements with the university prior to such use.  A copy of the written authorization and/or contract shall be kept on file by the appropriate dean, vice president, vice provost and by the director of Computing and Telecommunications Services.

  • Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action and/or the loss of use of university computing resources.  The university also may refer suspected violations of applicable law to appropriate law enforcement agencies.