Notice of Involuntary Separation

8215.1 Introduction/Scope

Conditions may arise that necessitate the reduction of the university work force. Reduction of unclassified positions may occur for a variety of reasons, such as budgetary constraints, changing priorities, lack of work, efficiency improvements or reorganization.

While business needs may require employee reductions, the University recognizes the prior contributions of its workforce, aspires to support those in transition, and aligns its approach with core values of “people and sustainability.”

8215.2 Definitions

Continuing status – continuing status is the classification used for all faculty, unclassified and classified staff members who occupy full and/or part-time positions, with no effective end date.

Unclassified staff – unclassified staff members are all professional positions that are exempt from examinations required by the Ohio Revised Code.

Term of employment – term of employment used in determining the involuntary separation notice period shall include only the most recent continuing employment with the University, as classified and/or unclassified staff and/or as faculty in the Boonshoft School of Medicine or in the School of Professional Psychology, with no breaks in service.

8215.3 Policy

  • The unclassified staff of Wright State University who have been hired in a Continuing status can be terminated by the university. The affected staff member shall be notified in writing as specified in the following paragraphs. If an employee leaves the university and returns, their term of employment is based on their most recent years of service, with no breaks in service.
  • Notice of involuntary separation shall be provided to any unclassified staff member whose position has been eliminated without just cause. The university will provide one-week of notice for each full year of continuing service with the university, with no prior breaks in service, at a minimum of four (4) weeks’ and a maximum of up to twenty four (24) weeks.
  • This policy excludes unclassified staff members who are on special contracts and/or on renewable appointments.
  • Employees can be terminated for documented just cause, as provided in applicable laws, rules, and regulations.
  • The involuntary notice of separation process should not be used to circumvent good performance management practices.

8215.4 Procedures

  • Departments share their request with the appropriate Human Resources Business Partner who will consult on University process and prepare supervisors for notification meetings, resource materials and subsequent communications.
  • Human Resources will partner with affected area on their communication strategy to those with a need to know, e.g., remaining staff, university stakeholders (both internal and external).
  • Departments will complete a Personnel Action Form (PAF) in advance of employee separation.
  • Affected staff member interested in additional career support may contact Human Resources (Talent Management Center of Excellence) for resume review, interviewing tips, coaching, and other job resources that may be available.

8215.5 Resources