Bulletin Boards, Signs, and Posting

7120.1 Bulletin Boards, Signs, and Other Objects

Permanent or temporary installation of bulletin boards, signs, or other objects in hallways, stairways, doors, or windows located in general circulation areas and student study lounges must have prior written approval from the dean or administrator responsible for those areas. Objects installed in violation of this policy will be removed. This policy does not apply to private offices and areas dedicated for use by designated individuals and/or units.

7120.2 General Posting

Bulletin boards titled General Posting have been placed in public areas throughout the campus and are available for the temporary placement of announcements. All posters, flyers, literature, banners, etc., to be posted must be consistent with the guidelines from the Office of Student Activities. Current guidelines may be found on the Student Handbook Posting Policy webpage.  All posters, flyers, literature, banners, etc., which are inconsistent with the guidelines for posting by the Office of Student Activities will be removed. Posting on bulletin boards assigned to a specific department may only be done with the permission of that department.