Petition for Admission

5080.1 General Policy

An applicant who does not meet the Graduate School or the academic programs minimum requirements for admission or a student who has been dismissed from a program may submit a petition for admission to the Graduate School.  The petition form may be obtained from the Graduate School, E344 Student Union.  The petition should provide a rationale as to why the applicant or student should be granted admission or readmission. Applicants should contact their graduate program director or advisor for further details.

Petitions for admission after an initial denial must be filed with the Graduate School within two weeks of the communication of the denial decision. Such petitions will be sent to and reviewed by the graduate program to which the student applied and the college’s graduate studies committee or appropriate equivalent, and then returned to the Graduate School. The college or school to which the petition was sent must return the petition, with its recommendation(s), to the Graduate School within 20 business days of its being sent. Petitions that remain unreturned or unanswered for longer than this time frame may be considered by the Graduate School to be automatically denied.  A copy of the completed petition should be submitted to the Graduate School. The Graduate School will send the petition to the academic program for their review and recommendation.  The program will then send the petition to the appropriate college/school petitions committee.  After the return of the petition to the Graduate School, the Dean, Graduate School will review the program's and the petitions committee's recommendations.  If the program and the college/school petitions Committee recommendation is consistent and the Dean, Graduate School, concurs with the recommendations, the Graduate School will notify the student of the admission decision.  If there are any unresolved differences between the Dean, Graduate School, the college/school petitions committee, and the program the petition will be referred to the Graduate Student Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate for a final decision.