Required Advisor Approval for Registration Policy

3404.1 Policy Statement

The following categories of students must obtain an advisor's approval before registering, whether online or in person:

  • Students on academic probation;
  • Students on directed advising due to having had admissions-related deficiencies;
  • Students in a dual-enrollment program, currently referred to as College Credit Plus;
  • Students who are in the undergraduate/graduate overlapping component of a 4+1 program; and
  • Students in any undergraduate or graduate program, preprogram or major that has a standing requirement for advisor preapproval for some or all of its students.

Program advisors will notify students whose program requires advisor approval.  The requirement for advisor approval will also appear in a student's registration status online.

Any college, major or program may request that their students obtain advisor pre-approval (or may request removal from the list of programs requiring pre-approval) though the curricular approval process. Any new recommendation for such pre-approval must be reviewed and approved by a department or program (if applicable), a college curriculum committee, the dean or dean's designee of the college, the Faculty Senate Undergraduate or Graduate Curriculum Committee, and the Provost; in the case of graduate student registration, the College of Graduate Programs and Honors Studies must approve.

Students will normally not be able to register for more than 20 hours of undergraduate credit, or more than 16 hours of graduate credit.  Exceptions will only be granted with written permission or the advisor of record, and may require face-to-face registration.