Graduate Scholars and Scholarships

5130.1 General Policy

The colleges/schools annually award scholarships through the Graduate School and the Office of Financial Aid. The scholarships may be awarded to academically qualified new incoming graduate students who have at least a 2.70 cumulative undergraduate grade point average and have been admitted in regular status into a degree or certificate program. Scholarships can be used for recruitment of new students or retention of existing students who have excellent records in their graduate studies.

Students receiving a scholarship are referred to as graduate scholars. They are not expected to perform work other than attend classes and perform related research. Graduate scholars are required to maintain a 3.0 cumulative graduate grade point average in order to remain on the scholarship.

5130.2 Length of Appointment

Scholars normally receive a two year appointment usually beginning with the Fall term. The scholarship may not be awarded for more than two years. Students do not have to attend the Summer Term in order to maintain their scholarships.

5130.3 Minimum Credit Hour Requirement

Scholars do not have to register during the Summer Term. All credit hours covered by a Graduate Scholarship must be related to the scholars’ programs of study.

5130.4 Tuition Remission

Graduate scholars are granted partial or full tuition remissions for instructional fees up to a maximum of twelve semester hours (laboratory and other program fees are not covered). The amount of the tuition covered is determined by the student’s college or school.

5130.5 Off Campus and on Campus Employment

Scholars may hold on and off campus employment.

5130.6 Sponsored International Students

International students who are sponsored by Fulbright or other sponsorship programs will be awarded tuition scholarships sufficient to cover 30% of full-time tuition up to twelve semester  hours. These scholarships are subject to the policies contained in this section, as well as to the regulations of the sponsoring agency.

5130.7 Summary of Graduate Scholarships

Students who are awarded scholarships are entitled to a partial or full tuition remission for instructional fees up to a maximum of twelve semester hours (not including laboratory or other program fees). Tuition remissions are not authorized for audited or undergraduate courses. However, a tuition remission may be used for undergraduate courses if the courses are recommended by the graduate program and are directly germane to the students' graduate programs of study. Graduate scholars will be authorized a tuition remission only for the number of terms that were granted to them by the scholarship award (no more than two academic years). The completion of degree requirements terminates the scholarship award for any unused terms.

Students not completing the terms of their scholarship awards; such as having less than a 3.0 cumulative graduate grade point average, etc. will lose their scholarship awards. Normally, the scholarships will be terminated the term following the non-complying action. Students do not have to take any minimum number of hours of credit in the Summer Term (or attend) in order to maintain their scholarship award.