Exit Clearance Process

8180.1 Purpose

This process has been established to provide a uniform exit clearance procedure for all Wright State University employees upon termination of employment.

8180.2 Policy

Upon termination of employment, all university employees are required to participate in an exit clearance process. The chair/director of a separating employee's administrative unit shall initiate the exit process.

  1. University property held by a separating employee must be returned to the issuing department. These items may include but are not limited to the separating employee's Wright One Card, Pro Card (if applicable), uniforms, keys, parking permit, secure ID, media equipment, library materials, etc. Failure to return university property or equipment may result in appropriate legal action.
  2. Any fines or fees that may be owed to the university must be paid. These obligations include but are not limited to library fees, parking fines, and lost key fines.
  3. A separating employee should provide a current mailing address to the Department of Human Resources.
  4. The Department of Human Resources must be advised in writing of the exact termination date by the separating employee's director or chair. A copy of the separating employee’s resignation letter also must be forwarded to the Department of Human Resources.
  5. For unclassified and faculty separations, the departmental record keeper shall advise the Department of Human Resources of sick and vacation usage not previously reported.