Employee Separation

8180.1 Purpose

This process establishes a uniform procedure to assist all faculty and staff with their separation from Wright State University, and to ensure the safeguarding and retrieval of University assets and resources.

8180.2 Definitions

Resignation:  Separation from the University that is initiated by the employee or by mutural agreement between the employee and the university.

Retirement:  Separation from the University that is initiated by the employee who meets the age and service requirements established by State Teacher's Retirement Systems (STRS) or Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS).  The Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP) allows employees to retire at age 59 1/2 or later, regardless of the number of years of service.

Termination:  Separation from the University that is initiated by the university.  This could be for any of the following reasons, including but not limited to:  termination during the probationary period, unsatisfactory job performance, disciplinary reasons, or misconduct.

Position Elimination:  The employee's position is eliminated due to lack of funding, lack of work, efficiency, or reorganization.

8180.3 Policy

Upon separation from the University, all employees are required to follow the separation process.  The supervisor or business manager is responsible for initiating the separation process, and for ensuring all University property is secured.

8180.4 Procedure

Upon receiving notice of an employee’s pending employment separation, the department notifies Human Resources of the employee’s separation date by submitting a Personnel Action Form (PAF), a copy of the employee’s separation letter (resignation, retirement, notice); and for unclassified salary and faculty separations, sick and vacation usage not previously reported.

The department instructs the employee to complete a Separation Clearance Form by completing the Exit Questionnaire and submitting to Human Resources and returning all department and University property (i.e. keys, Parking Pass) to the issuing office listed on the form. An employee’s Wright 1 Card should be cut up and discarded. All property must be returned on or before the employee’s last day of employment in order for the employee to receive vacation and/or sick payouts, if applicable, on the final pay for time worked. In addition, the university reserves the right to debit from any final paycheck the value of any unreturned property.

The employee completes the Separation Clearance Form, obtains the Business Manager’s signature and submits the form to the Facilities Management Customer Care Center along with their keys and Parking Pass for processing. Any fines or fees that may be owed to the university must be paid. These obligations include but are not limited to library fees, parking fines, and lost key fines.

A separating employee should also provide a current mailing address to Human Resources to ensure their W2 is received in January following their separation.

The employee’s final paycheck will be released on the next scheduled payroll date following the processing of the separation. If the Separation Clearance Form is submitted to Facilities Management on or before the employee’s last day of work, the employee’s vacation and sick payouts, if applicable, will be paid on the final pay for time worked, unless the payroll deadline for that month has already passed. If the form is not submitted on or before the employee’s last day of work, or after the payroll deadline, the employee’s vacation and sick payouts, if applicable, will be deferred until the next available payroll to ensure that any University property the employee may possess may be retrieved.


Separation Clearance Form (PDF)


Leaving the University Guide (PDF)

Wright Path to Retirement (PDF)