Graduate Council Scholarships

5140.1 General Policy

The Graduate School annually administers a program of Graduate Council Scholarships. These awards are given to outstanding students who are recruited to begin their graduate studies at Wright State. Students receiving these scholarships are referred to as Graduate Council Scholars. Graduate Council Scholars receive a full tuition scholarship plus a stipend, in an amount set annually by the Graduate School. They are not expected to perform work other than attend classes and perform related research. Graduate Council Scholars are required to maintain a 3.0 cumulative graduate grade point average in order to remain on the scholarship.

5140.2 Eligibility

Graduate Council Scholarships are used for the recruitment of students into graduate programs overseen by the Graduate School. To be nominated, students must meet the following criteria:

  • The nominee must have an undergraduate GPA of 3.3 or higher.
  • The nominee is being recruited into a graduate program (master’s or doctoral) that is overseen by the Graduate School. Students recruited into professional doctorates (MD, PsyD) that fall outside the purview of the Graduate School and the Graduate Council are not eligible.
  • The nominee has not already started graduate study in the program in question. Continuing students are not eligible for Graduate Council Scholarships.

5140.3 Nomination & Selection Procedure

Students are nominated for the Graduate Council Scholars program by a member of the graduate faculty in the program to which they are applying. Nominations must include:

  • A Nomination Form
  • A Statement of Purpose from the student, indicating his/her interest in the graduate program to which he/she is applying, his/her interest in the Graduate Council Scholars program, and any future plans (intention for further graduate study, career aspirations, etc.)
  • A Statement of Support from the nominating faculty member, indicating why this particular student should be considered for the Graduate Council Scholars program.

Nominations are collected by the Graduate School office, which forwards them to the Student Affairs Committee of the Graduate Council for consideration. The Student Affairs Committee selects awardees and alternates and sends these recommendations to the Graduate School. With the concurrence of the Graduate School Dean, the Graduate School sends letters of offer to the awardees.

The timeline for this process (including deadlines and decision points) is set annually by the Student Affairs Committee in consultation with the Graduate School. In all cases, decisions will be made to give awardees adequate time to consider the award ahead of the April 15 acceptance deadline stipulated by the Council of Graduate Schools.