Transfer Credit (Doctoral)

5740.1 General Policy

Beginning doctoral students without a Master’ degree may transfer the equivalent of up to 30 semester hours of approved coursework to their Wright State transcript. For beginning doctoral students with a relevant Master’s degree, the degree will be noted on their transcript and the student must complete a minimum of 60 semester hours at Wright State. Students who transfer to a Wright State doctoral program and retain the same major professor may either transfer up to 60 semester hours of approved coursework or have a Master’s degree noted and transfer up to 30 semester hours. These students must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours at Wright State University. In all cases, the student’s supervisory committee may require any coursework deemed necessary for preparation for the dissertation research. Finally, all students must satisfy the three quarter or two semester residency requirement (UP# 5720).

A student may transfer credit toward the requirements of a doctoral program provided:

  • The credit to be transferred has not been applied toward an awarded degree. While credits that were applied toward an awarded master's degree are not eligible for transfer credit, they may be used, with program approval, to waive certain course requirements.
  • The student's program reviews the transfer of credit request and recommends the course(s) to be accepted for transfer credit.
  • The student was in a graduate status at the other institution. The other institution must be regionally accredited. In addition, the student must have been in good standing at that institution.
  • The credit to be transferred meets the ten year time limit for completing degree requirements. Transfer credit listed on the student's program of study that is older than ten years at the time the student is planning to graduate will not be applied toward doctoral degree requirements.
  • An official transcript reflecting the credit is on file in the Graduate School.
  • The Graduate School approves the transfer of credit request.